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Jon and Indeara Eastman and our team are leading experts in the world for executive, leadership, business consulting, and coaching.

We create million dollar brands with a highly leveraged 7-Figure Online Platform for heart and soul-centered entrepreneurs.

Our passion is to inspire leaders, authors, speakers, teachers, and coaches to express their inner voice, and share their message, so that they can make a big impact in the world for social and charitable causes.

We serve entrepreneurs and professionals to use facebook advertising to create a 7-figure platform and grow their business’ sales and generate new leads by connecting with their ideal customers to have a quantum shift in their mindset and double or triple their income. 

We use several programs because it's important for entrepreneurs to know how to have a powerful mindset, how to generate sales, how to market their business, and how to properly manage and budget their money to save for their retirement to generate a reliable 7-figure income.

We love to work with people who want to help others, and would like to join our mission to make a difference in the world, to be teachers and share their message, and their soul’s purpose. They are compassionate and caring and would like to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They are looking to transform themselves from the inside out, and they are helping to transform the lives of others.

They want to transform the lives of their family and create a better future for our planet. Our best customers are kind, take responsibility for their success, and are fast action takers. Our ideal customers are people who have high self-worth, and want to expand a high net worth business to generate a significant amount of money and help to create charities that will benefit the lives of poor and struggling people all over the world. 

Lisa Sasevich

Lisa Sasevich The Queen of Sales Conversions, $40M in Sales, with Jon, Indeara, and Raj Eastman, Co-founder, Soul Mastery for Success and Meaningful Wealthy Lifestyle

Bob Circosta

Bob Circosta, Billionaire Founder Home Shopping Network with Indeara Eastman, Co-founder, Soul Mastery for Success and
Meaningful Wealthy Lifestyle

Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor with Indeara Eastman,
Co-founder, Soul Mastery for Success and Meaningful Wealthy Lifestyle

Sandy Gallagher

Sandy Gallagher with Indeara Eastman,
Co-founder, Soul Mastery for Success and Meaningful Wealthy Lifestyle

Pam Hendricks

Pam Hendrickson Tony Robbins' VP of Product Creation with Indeara Eastman,
Co-founder, Soul Mastery for Success and Meaningful Wealthy Lifestyle

Adam Markel

Adam Markel, CEO, New Peaks with
Indeara Eastman, Co-founder, Soul Mastery for Success and Meaningful Wealthy Lifestyle

Lou Manfredini,
VP Private Banking, Over $19 million in Sales, 
San Diego, CA
Are you ready to create a 7-figure online platform for a million dollar brand, and share your message to make an impact in the world? All without getting overwhelmed and limiting your growth in the process and having total freedom with your time and money. The question is, can you have it all? Is there something more to life? And the answer is a definite yes.

Here's Your Online Platform Blueprint for your 
Million-Dollar Brand:
  • Online Platform Business Blueprint for a Million Dollar Brand  Soul Mastery for Success Private Mastermind Group  Weekly live Q & A calls 24/7 access to our private mastermind Facebook groups
  •  Weekly calls in a private mastermind group with live Q and A . We will help you use world-class marketing and messaging to help you generate leads and potential new customers to grow your business. Providing tips and strategies on how to take your business to a million dollar brand. 
  • We've invested over 7-figures and 20 years of experience. What is that worth to you to save possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars and potentially years of your life avoiding costly mistakes? 
  • You can leverage our dedicated team to support you. We are saving you the struggle and stress of figuring it out on your own. 24/7 access to private FB community.A soul-mastery million dollar coach will be there answer your questions
  • Access to recorded weekly live mastermind calls
  •  One-On-One Personal Coaching
  • Two (one hour) private one-on-one personal breakthrough sessions with a million dollar coach.
  • Our one-on-one clients pay us over six figures to work with us for 3 x 30-minute sessions/month
  • Mind Power for Success program, 5 days and 40 hours of training invested here. 
  • Mind Over Money - How to earn $100,000 in your business in less than a year.
  • We will take you through a proven-working system (invested over $250,000 for sales training)
  • Mindset training to break through your limiting beliefs and fears so that you can have the highest possibility for success
  • Ideal customer avatar
  • We help you identify your ideal customer avatar and how to craft your message to speak directly to them with integrity and peace of mind
  • We help you to craft the right message that you're passionate about to your customer so that they stay with you long-term and they buy again and again.
  • We will help you to avoid awkward conversation because they will resonate with your company and message. This avoids a lot of struggle and pain and awkwardness in the sales process. This way it's a warmer lead.
  • We help to identify your customer's pain points so that they know you care and they are much more likely to buy from you over and over again.
  • We will help you build long-term quality relationships. These quality relationships become repeat customers because they already know how much value you bring. They will invest in anything new you create because they know you're a big contributor to the life that they now have.
  • World's Best Summit for Meaningful Wealth Interviews with top experts in the world including:  Alex Mandossian, Russ Whitney, Dan Caldwell, and more.If we can tell you how to  generate a million dollars per year with an automated online platform, would you be willing to invest in this program for that knowledge, expertise, and experience?

“My experience with Indeara and Jon has been transformational! I am extremely grateful to have worked with and be mentored by this amazing power couple. They have brought me so much strength in the most difficult times of my life. Thank you God for this divine alliance!"

Esly M., MBA,
Phoenix, AZ

It's been a journey of wonder and challenges to create the vision. I've been growing at a rate that I could not imagine than before, and my awareness in the world has changed and I am very grateful for all that you guys give...Thank you guys! 

Kenny N.
Healthcare Professional, Orange County, CA

"It's been compelling me to stand up for the energies I've worked to develop and to find ways to integrate them into my full life while pulling together resources to expand my reach and depth of soul connection to my creativity, awareness of my family and my complete ability to transform quickly to accommodate for the use of my growth to help others on a larger and more lasting, fulfilling and profound capacity. "

-Bijan Z.
Filmmaker and Entprepreneur
San Francisco, CA

"Jon and Indeara, I'm very excited for this new and rapidly-evolving part of my journey. With your coaching, my career has excelled and our company has achieved the fastest fiber optic network in the world. I am now more aware of keeping my strength and balance while away from home. I sincerely appreciate you guys from the depth of my BEing and I am so grateful to be connected with you guys."

-Brian Wilson,
Principle Engineer, IXIA
Sedona, AZ
"Jon and Indeara have skillfully and energetically guided me to let go of this straight line, logical, step by step mindset, and allow Spirit to enter my consciousness to provide higher vibrational thoughts, goals and actions. And as a result, extraordinary results have been showing up in my life.

-Rick Schadt,
Marketing Consultant,
Stamford, CT

"I lost weight, and changed to a healthier lifestyle with the Soul Mastery for Success Program. And, it was a miracle. I got pregnant when I could not, and was trying for years. I am now the proud mom of a beautiful baby girl."

-Lenore Gallucci,
University Professor,
San Diego, CA

Mind Power Success
The Mind Power for Success program includes one-on-one sessions, and a weekly mastermind that provides proven strategies and focus on the clarity, discipline, consistency, and direction to have a successful business as an entrepreneur.
  • 7 Module online course
  • Weekly live calls 
  • Teleseminar/webinars 
  • Live event once a year
  • Mind Power for Success audio series
  • Private Breakthrough calls
  • Week 1 – The Foundations for Mind Power for Success
  • Week 2 - We help you identify your ideal customer avatar and how to craft your message to speak directly to them. We help you find market research to identify your ideal customer's demographics.
  • Week 3 – The offer - We help you to craft the right message that you're passionate about to your customer so that they stay with you long-term and they buy again and again.
  • Week 4 – Leverage and automate your business to free yourself
  • Week 5 – Create Products and Services that deliver great value. We help to identify your customer's pain points so that they know you care. A brand to create stability and trust.
  • Week 6 – Launch to the world like never before
  • Week 7 - Build trust where it's not just about getting their money and grow your audience. We help you to build lifetime relationships with your customer's with follow up system including specific e-mail sequences for maximum results.

Mind Power for Success
The ultimate program for a mindset shift, for freedom with time and money through releasing limiting beliefs and blocks.

Soul Mastery for Success
Create a leveraged business, for freedom with time and money to make a bigger impact in the world.

Business Mastery for Success
Master your business and be able to succeed in any business creating jobs and opportunity wherever you go.

Marketing Master for Success
Leverage the most powerful way to message, attract and keep ideal customers, and build a personal economy.

Sales Mastery for Success
Master the number one skill to create unlimited possibility, the skill that makes the economy function globally and is at the heart of every decision, the ultimate level of persuasion with sales mastery for success.

Retirement on Demand
Learn advanced money management and investment techniques to create freedom when you choose to be able to retire financially whenever you wish.

Are you a fast action taker and are you willing to work hard (about 5-10 hours per week) to build your platform? Would you take personal responsibility for your results in the program? Are you someone who would like to make an impact and difference in the world with charitable and social causes to make our world a better place? $997 to get started. 

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If you are asking yourself, "is there something more to life?” the answer is yes! Our team can help you find fulfillment and more freedom with your time and money. The question then becomes, “can I have it all, success on both the inside and outside?” Yes you can!

Do you wish there was a better way to keep you motivated day after day for the things that matter the most to you? Now there is. Jon and Indeara Eastman are here to help you live a fulfilled life every step of the way from maximizing your business or career potential to making the most out of your personal life.
Does this sound too good to be true? Rest assured, with Jon and Indeara personally walking your through the 8 Keys to Soul Mastery for Success, it truly isn't. If you're ready to begin your best life now, join now and see how our coaches and advisors are able to put you on a new and enlightening path.
Many people find themselves feeling directionless at some point throughout their adult years. The things that used to feel valuable – friends, employment, family, and hobbies – no longer do. Luckily, we are here to transform your outlook and help you find a new and upgraded lease on life. 
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